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Putting your Ride-on or Lawn Tractor away for the Winter Follow


When the last cut has been done for the year, you'll be be putting away your tractor until the Spring.

Before you do, here's a few tips just to make sure it's in tip top condition when you do get it out again.

PETROL: Take The petrol Out: When you use your petrol mower for the last time, probably around now, drain the petrol from your lawn mower. If you leave it in it may well not work next year as the ethanol in it may well separate and degrade. After you have siphoned the petrol off, run the engine until any last fuel in the pipes has gone.

NB: Make sure you do this outside!

OIL: However, make sure the oil is topped up, fresh and full. Make sure you have the right oil and a good supply.

Remove the spark plug and spray some WD-40 or similar into the holder. 

You could even change the spark plugs if you feel they have had sufficient use over the season.

CLEANING: Clean the Deck and make sure there is no dried or wet grass or mud on the blades or moving parts. Use a stiff wire type brush to get dirt off. Clean the wheels and perhaps grease or oil the axles

If the cutting deck has a hose attachment, give it a good sluice then make sure it dries thoroughly.

We recommend you clean the oil filters too, where accessible.

BLADE/S: Oil the blades perhaps and sharpen them if you can. This will help prevent rust.

STORAGE: Store your ride-on out of the rain, away from moisture and cover with a trapaulin, or dedicated tractor cover wherever possible

NB make sure the ride-on is fully empty of petrol before you do anything with the deck.

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