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The dos and don'ts of ride-on and lawn tractor safety Follow


Ride-on mowers and lawn tractors are practical and powerful machines and should be comfortable and enjoyable to use. However, like all machines, they need to be handled with confidence and respect and used carefully and safely.

This list of dos and don'ts is designed to give you some quick and easy reminders to help you operate and enjoy your ride-on in safety. 

DO read your manual carefully before use. This will include information on safety features.

DON'T fill up with petrol anywhere near a naked flame, including cigarettes, cigars or lighters 

DO carry out regular and thorough maintenance. Unchecked and unmaintained machines are not just inefficient but also unsafe. Check your bolts, screws and keep all moving parts lubricated.Include all safety features in your checks.

DON'T dismantle or disable safety features. We know that cut-out switches and automatic stalling devices can seem like a bind. We get customers occasionally complaining about the lack of cutting when reversing, or objecting to the fact that that when they leave the seat on their ride-on the engine shuts down. While these may seem inconvenient these features are there for a very good reason. To protect the driver and anyone else around.

NB: When customers talk about customising these features or disabling them we always have to say we CANNOT recommend this as it both creates potentially dangerous situations. It also automatically invalidates your warranty

DO make sure you are always fit, sober, alert and able to operate your ride-on. Even at the lower speeds at which you will be driving, you are still in charge of a large machine travelling at some velocity and, like driving a car, this is something that should only be carried out when you have all your wits about you. 

DON'T cut your lawn at overly steep angles. We recommend a maximum of 15º tilt when cutting on slopes and our advice is to make sure you always cut across the slope, not bottom to top or vice versa. 

DO make sure you shut the cutting mechanism (blades) down before you alight from the ride-on or lawn tractor. Even if there is no automatic cut-out it is always safer to power down even if it is for a short time. 

DO make sure you keep your feet firmly on the decking of the ride-on when you are driving.

DON'T set off before checking all around you. Just like driving a car, being aware of obstacles and people, pets or animals around you is essential. This is particularly important when you are reversing of course. 

DO wear sensible clothing. Sturdy shoes, ear defenders and a helmet are recommended. Goggles are advised and other clothing should be thick and hard-wearing.

DON'T allow children to operate or control the ride-on and it is advised that children also NOT be allowed to ride as passengers on lawn tractors. 

DO make sure the engine is switched off and the ignition key is removed if you step away from your ride-on or lawn tractor, particularly if you are leaving it unattended for long periods.

DON'T forget to wrap up warm and keep warm if you are operating your ride-on in cold weather for any length of time. If you have a cup holder, try to have a flask of hot tea with you. Likewise, if you are working heat, make sure you are protected against the sun and drink water at regular intervals - stay hydrated. 

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