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Getting Your Mower Ready For Spring Follow


clean the deck thoroughly

As winter ends and spring arrives, a gardener's thoughts turn to the trusty old lawn mower.

But there's nothing worse than starting the season by taking out your old bladed friend, only to find it won't start, won't go, won't cut.

If you put your mower away in a hurry for the winter, forgetting to look after it, there is a lot of work to be done. And even if you overwintered your mower carefully, it's always a good idea to check and carry out a few TLC based tasks before the season starts.

So here are some maintenance tips and a short list of ideas to help your mower cut it, even on the first attempt.

NB: Do remember that you should wear sensible, protective clothing while carrying out many of these tasks. Strong gloves (like rigger's gloves for example) are an essential and sturdy shoes and other clothing also very important

NEVER carry out any of these task while under the influence of alcohol.


Spark Plugs: (Petrol Mower Only) Take out the spark plug before you do anything else. This is the safest ways to carry out maintenance. Unless you replaced the plug before winter, put a new one in when you have finished.


Contacts and Cables: (Electric Mains Mowers Only) Check all contacts are clean and undamaged. Check all cables are undamaged and clean.


Batteries: (Cordless Mowers and Electric Start Petrol Mowers Only) Check all contacts on your rechargable batteries are clean and undamaged. Check the batteries are dry, in working order and have been stored well.

Charge if necessary and check battery and charger are operating properly.

If you own a petrol mower with an electric start, you should also check the battery contacts and make sure all is in order.


Sharpen Your Blade: Your mower's blade has had a season of cutting. Regular sharpening, at least once a year, is the only way to really keep it keen and prevent rough chopping of grass blades which can damage them and lead to a brown lawn.

Remove it from the mower first and ALWAYS make sure the power is off, the spark plug removed, the battery is out or the cable is unplugged.

(If you wish, you can clean the inside of the deck with the blade off. it might be easier)

If your blade is damaged, this is a good time to replace it.


Cleaning. Even if you cleaned it before the winter, now is a good time to check your mower is clean. If it is not, clean it thoroughly.

Any grass or mud in the deck should be removed as should any debris that has collected around the wheels. Use a hard bristled brush to get in and clean around the blade and axles.

Clean the outside too, wipe the outside of the deck with a damp cloth. Clean the handles and levers.

Clean out your grass catcher if you have one. You might as well start with as much space as possible.

Clean the air filters. If they are too dirty or damaged, replace them.


Oil: (Petrol Mowers Only) If you didn't change the oil before you stored the mower away, do it now.

Take off the the drain plug under the engine and let the old oil drain off into an old can or other receptacle.

Once it has all drained away, put the plug back and fill the oil tank with fresh clean oil (type as recommended by your manufacturer's manual. ) make sure you wipe away any excess oil from the engine and the the body of the mower.


Lubrication: Check all bolts, screws, hinges, knobs, switches and so on.

Make sure you lubricate all moving parts, e.g. hinges, handle adjustment knobs and screw threads if necessary.

Oil or lubricate your wheel bearings if your wheels have them. remove any excess oil once you have finished.


Clean Fuel: (Petrol Mowers Only) Hopefully you emptied the tank before winter. If not, whatever fuel is in there is unusable* and should be drained out.

Fill your tank with fresh unleaded petrol

*Modern fuel contains ethanol and should never be left in the tank for more than 30 days
Hopefully if you follow this simple advice, your refreshed and sparkling mower will be ready to take on the growing season.


All being well, after you have carried out these simple task, your mower is good as new and raring to go. However, if you do find you need or a new mower is necessary, do take a look at our large selection here, and if you need further advice do call us on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat).

Our product advisors are friendly and knowledgeable and will be happy to give you impartial, helpful advice.

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