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Oleo-Mac – an Italian success story Follow


Oleo-Mac is not, necessarily, a name every gardening enthusiast would know. However, this bright and ever forward-looking Italian brand is growing in stature in the UK, day by day, season by season as customers come to appreciate the quality, reliability, heavy-duty build and flair of these lean, mean orange machines and their surprisingly modest prices.

Oleo-Mac itself was founded in 1972 in Northern Italy’s busy and growing business sector by expert and businessman Ariello Bartoli, and started pretty quickly to produce make, good quality petrol powered chainsaws.

Chainsaw Designers 1977


A few years later another company was created, in the same thriving area, by Giacomo Ferretti. This one specialised in creating popular and reliable brushcutters.

Eventually an executive decision targeting growth and the sharing of expertise, knowledge and skills led to the merging of the two companies and the creation of EMAK.

Bartoli and Ferretti built up a dynamic and comparative company creating garden machinery for both the domestic and commercial markets in Italy and, increasingly, in the rest of Europe.

25 years ago EMAK became incorporated into parent company YUMA spa and is the flagship company of the group, having expanded their production and expertise into a wide variety of garden machinery.

The founder members are still still very much involved as Bartoli is president of YUMA spa and Ferretti is president of EMAK.

Oleo-Mac machines are made with care and attention to detail, remarkably well featured and well made for the money, offering amazing value.

They have expanded and grown almost exponentially, going from the merger in 1992, construction of new factory in 1995 for the brushcutters and chainsaws that made their name initially, creating a lawnmower plant in 1997, listed on the Milan stock exchange 1998 and the creation of commercial branches across Europe, manufacturing centres in China and commercial branches in USA and Poland across the years.

Their competitors are remarkably few, but the quality of them (they include Stihl and Husqvarna, two of the most respected names in powered garden machinery) shows the kind of level at which Oleo-Mac are operating. 

They lay out their vision as…

“Innovative solutions to offer the customer the best possible value. We intend to be, in the development, production and distribution of machines, components and accessories for gardening, agriculture, forestry and industry, one of the leading players at worldwide level by offering innovative products and services, making the activity for our consumer and professional customers efficient and enjoyable, providing them with the best value.“

And they are doing it very well so far. MowDirect has a growing group of Oleo-Mac fans amongst our customers, with comments such as...

“Excellent build quality and very easy to use and stow away”

“...the second Oleo Mac I have bought this year with my first purchase being a G53, that's how impressed I am with the company and equipment.”

“Five-star product!”

“Brilliant….wonderful looking machine, strong and robust build.”

“...a very good chainsaw...easy to use, starts very easily... a very lightweight, all-round excellent saw.”

Oleo-Mac continue to innovate and it's stylish, orange livery is an eye-catcher. MowDirect is proud to be exclusive suppliers of these quality, value for money machines and of our partnership with this Italian success story.



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