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Einhell - 50 years of German innovation and engineering Follow

Einhell - The First Workforce

The phrase 'German Engineering' is prone to cause excitement in those who admire and enjoy machines of all types, and in the garden machinery world this is no different. 

Enter Einhell, a German manufacturer known for innovation and forward thinking design which consistently produces quality at surprisingly low prices, invests in research and has become a popular and stand-out brand in the UK over the last few years. Einhell is responsible for creating some of MowDirect's best selling products.

Top Seller - Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier

The Einhell story starts in 1964, in Landau an der Isar in Bavaria, when young electrical engineer Josef Thannhuber took over an installation business from his uncle, Hans Einhell. 

Originally reluctant (he had wanted to travel abroad) Josef soon set about developing ideas and creating products that people wanted. he kept his uncle's name, Einhell, for the firm, possibly thinking it was more snappy and less difficult to handle internationally than Thannhuber, the mark of someone thinking forward.  

During the first few years he concentrated on accessory style products, making transformers for welding gear, cable drums, battery chargers and the like, including a construction site distribution box with an innovative 3-phase reversing switch.To keep costs low, Josef recycled old metal from a nearby car-company

Through this, as the sixties progressed, the company - growing and changing and splitting into separate Einhell companies to do different tasks, started doing business with countries form the east (Josef was one of the first Western businessmen to do so) and gradually  became the market leader for battery chargers across Europe. 

Over the next few decades, the company continued to grow and started to create 'home technology' products in the 80s. Einhell is now a leading manufacturer in Germany and major designer and maker of garden machinery and  power tools, still innovating, still investing and still trying make sure everything is 'Well Done' the Einhell philosophy and company motto.

Einhell products are distinctive and individual in design - another part of the philosophy - and the company's forward thinking strategy means Einhell is a major investor in battery technology with a growing line of powerful, user-friendly Li-ion powered garden equipment. 

The Future - Einhell's 'one battery fits all' Power Exchange Range 









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