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5 Reasons To Buy An Einhell Tool Follow

German manufacturer Einhell has been around for many years. long enough to know you need more than mere ambition and a big factory to make products customers want, season after season. 

Einhell is a brand with vision, its designers, engineers and management team are forward thinking and positive and ready to take on new challenges, utilising new thinking and new methods.

So here are five reasons why you should take a second look at an Einhell garden machine, be it a mower, brushcutter, hedgecutter or scarifier.

 1.  Integrity. Einhell's core values include the phrase 'the customer is king'. That alone is worth all the marketing in the world. This is a company whose core values include a belief in quality and customer satisfaction. 

2.  Value. The quality of Einhell's output comes at a price that reflects the needs of the customer. There is a genuine attempt by einhell to consistently keep customer prices at a decent and affordable level. This is good for customers and for Einhell. It makes sense. 

3. Service. Einhell's size, financial stability and presence in the marketplace, along with their many partnerships, mean a great level of after-sales service, whatever your issue.

Einhell after-sales service with a smile

4. Unique Design. Einhell's designers work very hard to make their products distinctive and stylish. This design goes hand in hand with the afore-mentioned ergonomics to create stylish and comfortable tools for everyday use. 

 5. Ergonomics. Einhell's belief in ergonomics is devoted to creating comfort and ease of use for the customer so causing less stress and strain. This is not is not a trend or a fad. This concentration on ergonomic design, making the machine to fit the human, goes back a long way and, as you would expect, a German company like Einhell is at the forefront. Think about their vibration brushcutters for example. These are designed to make life easer for the user. They do it very well. 

easy pruning with Einhell

 MowDirect has a number of exclusive deals with Einhell and we are very excited about the future, including Einhell's development of powerful battery technology.  


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