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5 Reasons Why You Should Own an Oleo-Mac Chainsaw Follow

Whether you are a homeowner looking to prune some branches, cut some firewood or clean up some shrubbery, a professional gardener with a big clearing job to carry out or an arborist maintaining trees, your chainsaw needs to be tough, powerful and reliable. And long lasting. A Chainsaw is an investment so it should perform well for more than one season.

The designers and engineers at Oleo-Mac know this, and their work leads to machines will will stand up to hard work season in and season out, with great performance, safe and easy operation and good features.

So. Here are five good reasons why you should choose an Oleo-Mac saw.

1. Build Quality. Oleo-Mac Chainsaws are rugged and built to last. The components are of good quality, including chain bars from industry leaders Oregon, and the range includes excellent features like 2 ring pistons, steel crankshafts, automatic aluminium oil pumps for optimum durability. 

Oleo-Mac Chainsaw - with Oregon Bar

2. Health and Safety. All Oleo-Mac chainsaws are fitted with the very best safety devices, like their chain brakes, chain-catchers and, in addition, their 'burn-right' technology ensures their saws are clean and emit low-emissions, better for the environment and safer and cleaner for the operator. 

3. Easy Maintenance. Maintaining a chainsaw is very important so the designers at Oleo-Mac go out of their way to make it as easy as possible, with such features as mufflers that you can easily check and inspect and oil and filter covers that can be removed without tools as well as transparent tanks so levels can be checked very easily. Plus side-knob controlled chain tensioning on many models as well as sefl-cleaning filters. All of which means less time maintaining and more time working. 

4. Comfort and Ease of Operation. Ergonomic design, including low-vibration handles, makes for more comfortable operation as do features such as the innovative “Easy-On” starting system, featured on some models. Also electronically controlled digital coils which also contribute to lower effort starting. 

5. Value. Make no mistake, the value for money offered by Oleo-Mac chainsaws is a major feature and one very much appreciated by customers. Value in this case means high-end quality at much lower prices and our exclusive deals, here at MowDirect make the most of our exclusive and valued relationship. 


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