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Oleo-Mac chainsaws - what’s in a brand name? Follow

 Oleo-Mac CS650 - Holding Up its End

Last year the Irish Farmer’s Journal ran a comprehensive comparison test, ‘Which magazine style’, on petrol chainsaws. They tested six top-name chainsaws in several categories including semi-professional, professional and hobby.

These machines were from Oleo-Mac, Stihl, Husqvarna, Jonsered and McCulloch. After  a series of tough tests the final results were potentially surprising to some critics. In the professional category, the Oleo-Mac CS650 (see below) was deemed to be the best value in the group, with power, performance, easy-starting, the right features customers look for in a contemporary saw and a price that was over a hundred Euros below some of the others.

In fact, across the board in comparison, the Oleo-Mac saws hold up their end in both value, feature and performance terms. This clearly confirms Oleo-Mac’s place up there with the perceived big-boys of powered garden machinery.


Plenty of bar, great value and all the features you want

Biggest is Not Necessarily Best

And yet, if you ask many people what’s the best chainsaw, they will often go straight to the German or Swedish brands. This is a common phenomenon in chainsaw brand comparison. I mean, a chainsaw from a Mediterranean country like Italy couldn’t possibly be as good as one from the snowy, rough terrains of northern European or Scandinavian countries could they? The answer is yes, of course they could. Italian engineering, when it comes to powered machinery, is up there with the best. If you have to farm in the Italian alps, the rugged Tyrol or on the terraced slopes of the Amalfi coast, you would know you need tough, reliable equipment.

Myths are often built up about big brands but, in fact, in terms of build quality, performance and features, Oleo-Mac chainsaws frequently out perform their competitors and nearly always beat them hands-down on price. The biggest, most famous brand is not necessarily the best brand in the same way that the person who shouts loudest is not necessarily right. 

 An Oleo-Mac chainsaw in action

Perceptions Will Change

Building a brand is almost always a long and painstaking process involving careful quality control of your products, making sure your marketing strategy is right, ensuring the customer becomes fond of, and loyal to, your products, your ethos and your company. But ultimately you need products that work well, compete with their rivals and that customers want. Over and over Oleo-Mac are proving this.  If you offer value and quality at competitive prices people will slowly change their habits. This is happening right now, changing the perceptions of potential customers.

If you’ve not tried an Oleo-Mac Chainsaw, brushcutter or one of their their stylish sleek and heavy-duty mowers, now is the time. MowDirect is the exclusive supplier in the UK at the moment and can offer very good deals. We are proud of this connection with the Italian leaders because we believe, as the growing numbers of happy customers do, this is a brand that is slowly, but surely, going places.

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