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10 reasons to buy yourself a Hayter Follow


A company like Hayter relies on the loyalty of its customers and time after time the comments and return sales of Hayter customers prove that the hours and effort the Hayter workforce take to make their products is worthwhile.

A good few of the top ten reasons to buy in this guide are linked to a sensitive and efficient mix of mechanical, electronic and manual power and methods, blending the best work of man and machine to create the highest quality lawn mowers.

We at MowDirect have seen this process from start to finish and we can vouch for the attention to detail, technological know-how, skill and hard work that it takes to put a Hayter mower together. Try using one and you'll see what we mean. 

 So here are 10 good reasons why you should make a Hayter part of your gardening experience... for life.

1.  Traditional Skills are still used in Hayter's Spellbrook HQ, meaning experienced and trained experts  are keeping an eye on your mower while it is being built.

2. Computer controlled processes mean precision engineering acts in collaboration with traditional methods, the best of both worlds offers you the best engineering, build quality and performance. 

3. Laser Profiling, i.e. the job of cutting, shaping and welding the steel sheets for every mower are handled by a tightly controlled, fast and pinpoint accurate laser profiling machine. This speeds up these important tasks but, as ever, all processes are carried out under the watchful eye of human experts.

4. British Mowers at their best are developed using a tradition of design, old valued skills and carefully controlled manufacture. Many of Hayter's signature mowers are still made in Spellbrook, Hertfordshire, the tiny village that was Douglas Hayter's home and workplace, where the Hayter mower was born, and that still hums with the manufacture of traditional British Racing Green mowers, many fitted with the rear roller that creates that most British of garden features - the striped lawn.  

5. Excellence in mowers comes with a price-tag. However, Quality items are worth the money, outlasting cheaper, less well put together products so the saving is ultimately in buying well to start with. Hayter's claim to quality is pretty much unassailable and Hayter mower owners are vocal in their praise and admiration. This covers reliability, build-quality and cutting performance, creating great lawn finishes across the UK. 

6. Heritage is an important part of creating and sustaining any long-running and and popular brand, and Hayter's goes back through 65 years of innovation, attention to detail, style, build quality and customer satisfaction. 

7. Quality Control is another important step in the manufacturing process and something Hayter takes very seriously, watching and testing at all stages of the process and maintaining the BS EN 9001:2000 quality standard.

8. Hand Assembly is exactly what Hayter's customers want and all Hayter machines are put together in this time honoured and traditional way. This means any issues are spotted early, with no impact on you, the customer, and inspection is constant and consistent. 


Hand Assembly At Spellbrook

 9. Hard-wearing products need tough and long-lasting paintwork and Hayter's racing green livery needs to look good for as long as possible and needs to survive the daily knocks, chips and bangs that mowing can produce. Hayter's pre-treatment leads to quality adherence which helps the paint sit and stay longer and the paint used is of high quality and applied using again, a mixture of human experience and expertise and high-end technology. We know this because we've seen it done! 

10. Great Design takes great designers and Hayter's team are highly trained and use ultra-modern computer design programs hand-in-hand with regular and high-quality research and development testing. This makes the mowers as rugged, effective and high-performing as they look. 

So. That's just a few of the many reasons you should take a look at Hayter. As Hayter's slogan used to run 'Sooner or later, you'll buy a Hayter.' So why not start now




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