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Toro - Current Service & Warranty Information Follow

Toro is a major player and a giant of the garden machinery market since forming in 1914 and is renowned for its expertise in turf care, creating very high quality products for domestic and commercial spaces, sports arenas and public spaces.

Toro machines are built for strength and durability and are worth looking after. They frequently come with extended warranties.

As with all quality machinery purchased, your warranty is an contract between you and the company, stating that if you will look after your Toro machine, the manufacturer will help.

Regular servicing is usually a very important part of your warranty conditions, meaning that, if you stick to the schedule and something goes wrong, you are covered and will receive the best support available. Regular servicing also make sense from a performance point of view as dirty, un-serviced engines and worn or overworked parts can shorten the working life of your machine. Here is the current warranty information for the Toro equipment we supply. 

 Warranties - Toro Self-Propelled Petrol Walk Behind Mowers

Range/Model Domestic Commercial Conditions
29639 Steel Deck Recycler 2 yrs 90 days Subject to Annual Service

20950/20952 Steel Deck Recycler

5 yrs 45 days Subject to Annual Service
20955/20956/20558/20958/20959/20960 Petrol Recyclers 2 yrs 30 days Subject to Annual Service

20835/20899 Aluminium Deck Super Baggers

20792 Petrol Recycler

20797/20836/20837 Aluminium Deck Super Recyclers

20897 Aluminium Deck Super Bagger

5 yrs 90 days Subject to Annual Service

22186TE Heavy-Duty Aluminium (Honda)

22291 Heavy-Duty Recycler

22293 Heavy-Duty Hi-Vac Bagger

22205TE TurfMaster Twin-Cut

 2 yrs  1 yr Subject to Annual Service
20975/20977 TimeMaster Twin Cut  3 yrs  90 days Subject to Annual Service

 Warranties - Toro Ride-On Mowers/Tractors

Range/Model Domestic Commercial Conditions
DH140 2 yrs 30 Days Subject to Annual Service
DH 210/DH 220 2 Yrs 90 Days Subject to Annual Service
Timecutter Zero Turn Range 3 Yrs 30 Days Subject to Annual Service
Titan ZX4800 3 Yrs 3 Yrs or 240 hrs Subject to Annual Service
Titan ZX5400 3 Yrs or 240 hrs 3 Yrs or 240 hrs Subject to Annual Service

At MowDirect we are very proud of our partnership with Toro and are keen to add value to the manufacturer's own support by offering you our own, helping you organise and source your servicing or repairs in the way that best helps you.

So if you own a Toro machine or are thinking about buying one, or if you simply need to find a service engineer, there are a few options.

If you want to go to Toro and find a servicing dealer, this link will take you to the Toro site's service dealer locator...


Toro offer very detailed safe use information here...


...or you can contact us directly on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) and one of our friendly experts we will offer you any advice and guidance you need.

Do contact us, we are here to help.

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