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Hayter - Current Service & Warranty Information Follow

Hayter is a premium brand, with the reputation of quality that this brings. When you buy a Hayter mower or scarifier, in fact any machine with the Hayter name, you buy into more than half a century of expertise, quality and prestige and you rightly expect this to be a long-term purchase, and that you now own a machine that will last and give you season after season of great performance. 

This is precisely what Hayter machines are built to do but, like any machine, there are certain things you have to do to keep this machine working at the top of its capabilities. Annual servicing is a vital part of the conditions governing your warranty and if the servicing schedule is adhered to, you will find your Hayter operates  as it should and gives you the cut, power and performance you would expect from such a brand. It also means you are properly covered if, as occasionally happens, something goes wrong.


Here are the current warranty and service conditions for Hayter models.

Range Domestic Commercial Conditions
Domestic lawn Mowers 3 yrs 90 Days Subject to Annual Service
Harrier Range 5yrs  90 Days Subject to Annual Service
Harrier Pro Range 1yr 1yr Annual Service Recommended
Envoy   2yrs N/A Annual Service Reccomended
Scarifier 1yr 90 Days Annual Service Recommended

General Maintenance

Regular maintenance by you will also help keep your machine at its optimum. Here is a link to Hayter's own maintenance tips page, offering specific information on how to look after your machine: http://www.hayter.co.uk/advice-support/maintenance-tips

This information may well be enough, however, MowDirect is committed to supporting all Hayter products, providing back-up care and free impartial advice for both pre and after sales. This could include servicing for your Hayter or recommending a suitable service agent in your area.

With that in mind, here is a link to Hayter's Dealer location page, which includes service contractors - http://www.hayter.co.uk/locate-dealer

So if you own a Hayter, or are thinking of purchasing one, and you have any questions or queries regarding Hayter products, for example, information on licensed service agents or reputable dealers who offer Hayter service contracts, please do not hesitate to call the Customer Service Team on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri).

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