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The Dos and Don'ts of Tractor & Ride-On Mower Maintenance Follow

A well-maintained tractor or ride-on should provide many seasons of good service. But, like anything else, you get out what you put in; so do invest some time and effort and you will be rewarded by efficient, smooth performance year in year out.


Here are some guidelines, in the form of DOs and DONT's to help you make the most of your machine.  Take a few moments to read through these and we feel sure you will see how important and easy it is to keep your tractor or Ride-On in tip top condition

PETROL: Modern fuel deteriorates with age, and contains an alcohol called ethanol that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and  causes the fuel to separate and go stale in as little as 30 days. This can damage your machine and create starting issues. DO add fuel stabilising additive to all fuel before filling garden machinery engines* and DONT' leave unstabilised fuel in your tank for long periods. 

STORAGE: Lawnmower engines are not waterproof – DON'T leave your machine in a damp or wet place. Do keep it dry where possible 

OIL SERVICING: DO refer to your ‘Engine’ manual regarding regular oil change schedules. These ensure your engine does not suffer irreparable internal wear and damage.

BATTERY: If your machine is supplied with a battery charger, DO please refer to the battery manual for guidance on how frequently you will need to charge. This is very important as it can help you get maximum life from your battery.

SLOPES: DON'T cut at steep angles. We generally advise a maximum of 15 degrees tilt when cutting on slopes and our top tip is to always cut across the slope, not up and down.

GRASS COLLECTOR: If your machine has a dedicated collector, DO check that this is shut down firmly, ensuring the safety switch is making contact when trying to engage the cutters. If you don’t your machine can easily cut out when engaging the blades. 

UNEVEN GROUND: DON't cut at low height settings and high speeds. You should always cut at a higher height setting and at the slowest speed setting

BELTS: Deck and Drive Belts are known as ‘wearing parts’ so do DO try to ensure the machine is operated correctly when cutting to ensure they are not overloaded causing them to fail.

GRASS & MUD: DON'T leave wet grass and mud on your mower. Regular cleaning of the underside of your machine is essential. Grass left there can cause metal components to rust. Grass and Dirt in or around the engine can clog the cooling fins resulting in overheating and damage.

SERVICING: Annual Servicing is a recommendation from the manufacturers and a requirement in order to extend the guarantee beyond the first year. DO remember to set this up with your dealer, as out of tune engines and blunt blades can cause inefficient operation resulting in poor cutting, poor collection, and environmental pollution.

Follow these simple dos and don'ts and your machine should give your service for a good long time. 


*If you need to purchase a supply of stabiliser, it can be purchased through our parts team ...parts@mowdirect.co.uk

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