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Spring clean your patio - a simple guide to re-booting your outdoor room Follow

During the winter, while you're all curled up in the warm, central heating on full blast, eating comfort food and watching boxed sets of US dramas; it's easy to forget your poor neglected patio. But you know that. at some point, the weather will improve and you'll want to be out there again. 

Here are a few ways to make it up to your patio and pamper your paved areas when the weather starts to improve and you want to sit outside with your friends and family, or just a cup of tea and a good book. 

 1. Clear your patio of any furniture, toys, broken twigs, branches, pots and plants and give it a good sweep with a stiff brush. Try brushing the cracks to remove loose weeds. If you can't move your furniture, cover and wrap it so it is protected while you use the pressure washer (see note 3). 

2. Carry out some more judicious and deep weeding. Perhaps use a dedicated weeding tool. many companies make these as part of a hand tool collection. If you have loose paving slabs, get a weeding tool to remove the weeds between slabs.

3. If you have a pressure washer, this is the time to get it out and carry out a deep clean of your stones or slabs. Most pressure washers will have the appropriate tool, a 'fan' type spray for general cleaning and a 'high-pressure' nozzle for stubborn stains. Some even have special patio cleaners with enclosed brushes and nozzle to avoid splashback. (See image below)


STIHL RE129 Plus High-Pressure Washer

 N.B. Always make sure you look at the manual and follow manufacturers instructions before carrying out this task - high-pressure nozzles can cause damage to some materials if used incorrectly.

4. Now check for serious cracks and holes, some of which may have been highlighted by the pressure washer.  Tap away any loose concrete and create good areas for filler. Fill cracks or holes where necessary with fresh mortar.

5. Clean your patio furniture. Again, if appropriate use the pressure washer on plastic and wood (again make sure you read the instructions) or scrub down wooden furniture and re-varnish or protect it.

6. Now. put everything back, perhaps invest in some new pot plants and enjoy your outdoor space before the winter rolls around again. 


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