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Tasks, tips and tools for February Follow

Have a look at our quick guide to the gardening jobs needed in February. For a quick look, chores are emphasised in black and bold and tools needed are highlighted in blue.

There is at least one good reason to be glad that its February, namely, it's not January, and it’s one month closer to Spring. Like January, this month can be cold, miserable and dark but on the plus side, it is slowly getting lighter and nature is just about starting to twitch a bit in bed and make those cute, snorty ‘I’m going to wake up soon noises’. So let’s think about getting ready.

Weeding and tidying. Tidy those beds and borders. Get rid of any further debris that has collected during January and double check that no weeds have crept under your carefully laid black polythene sheets and if there has been a lot of rain or a large amount of moisture, or it is getting warmer, there will be weeds skulking somewhere for sure. Make sure you get right into and under the roots.

Make sure you rake up any stray leaves, twigs and so on that are lying around on your plant or vegetable beds or lurking under bushes and shrubs.

It might be a good idea to start popping some compost or manure on your soil at this time to help it to start really warming up, and you could use all your pruning detritus to make great compost or mulch using a good quality shredder (see image below) to really break up those branches.

Bosch AXT-25-TC Electric Quiet Shredder

Think about neatening up any plants and bushes, removing dead or old leaves and twigs with a pair of pruning shears or trimmers. 

You lawn fanatics could well be thinking about a bit of scarifying about now, and unless you have just recently laid your outdoor grass carpet, you could do worse. Remove those rogue leaves with a good scarifier like the CP1000V Electric Scarifier (see image below) However you do it, get in there and scratch that itch now.

Wolf-Garten UV34E Electric Scarifier March

Believe it or not, late February is a decent time to start sowing a few things for early harvest. Aubergines, carrots, cauliflowers, celeriac and broad beans can all be planted now. Don’t forget, these seeds will need cover and protection and you should think about sowing in seed trays. The RHS says sheltered southern gardens can take broad beans directly into the soil, but in cold areas, you will need cloches or a fleece, so be as bold as your conditions allow. Brussels sprouts, however, can absolutely be planted outside now with a bit of frost protection, while you harvest the ones you planted earlier. Hardy little chaps brussels sprouts.

And finally, February is a good month to be doing some planning. Look at your planting plan for the coming year. What? Not got one? About time you did then. Are you keeping everything in the same place? Planting some new stuff? Think carefully now before everything starts to sprout of its own accord. So. Work done, sit down on your battered old deckchair or snazzy garden bench with a notebook, a pen, a cup of tea and start to plan and picture what the place will look like in a couple of months. But don’t sit for too long; you know it comes around fast!

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