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Brands A - E warranty information Follow


Brand/Item  Domestic Commercial  Hire
Ardisam Earthquake      
Power Augers  1 yr  90 days  
MS43 Tiller 2yrs    
All Other Machines 2yrs 90 days  
Agri Fab 5yrs    
Snowblowers 1yr    
Apache 1yr    
Domestic 2yrs    
Pro range 2yrs subject to annual service 2yrs subject to annual service  
Petrol mowers 2yrs 90 days  
Lawn Tractors 2yrs 90 days  
Electric mowers 2yrs    
Ariens 2yrs    
Atco  2yrs    
Bertonini 3yrs    
Billy Goat 2yrs    
Garden tools 2yrs (inc free shipping)    
Batteries & Chargers 1yr    
Briggs & Stratton      
Vanguard Seriess  3yrs  3yrs  
 Commercial Turf Series  2yrs  2yrs  
 Extended Life Series  2yrs  2yrs  

I/C®; Intekt I/C®;IntektPro:Dura-Boret professional Series with Dura-Boret cast Iron Sleeve  

 2yrs  1yr  
Snow Series MAX with Dura-Boret Cast Iron Sleeve   2yrs  1yr  

All Other B&S Engines with Dura-Boret Cast Iron Sleeve  

 2yrs  1yr  
All Other B&S Engines 2yrs   90 days  
Petrol Mowers 2yrs  90 days  
Lawn Tractors 2yrs  90 days  
Electric Mowers 2yrs    
Cub Cadet 3yrs  90 days  
Centurion  1yr    
Electric 1yr    
Petrol 2yrs    
Pro 2yrs 1yr  
Dori 2yrs    
Dori MD50R Transmission only 10yrs    
Trimmer Premier/Premier+ 2yrs    
Trimmer PRO/PRO-XL  2yrs 90 days 6 Months
All Field & Brush Mowers 2yrs 90 days  
Power Grader 2yrs 90 days 3 Months
Stump Grinder 2yrs 90 days 3 Months
Echo 2yrs    
Einhell 2yrs    
Efco 3yrs    




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