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What is the cutting height of lawn mowers? Follow

When you see ‘cutting height’ in a lawn mower review, brochure or article, it refers to the height above the soil line that the blades cut to.

This is often adjustable allowing you to change the height of the deck to suit your taste, conditions, grass type or the season.

Heights Available

These of course vary from mower to mower and different types of mower are designed to do different jobs.

  • Cylinder lawn mowers – generally speaking cylinder mowers are made to cut shorter and closer with domestic heights varying from around 5-10mm up to 30-40mm
  • Professional Cylinder lawn Mowers -  are made for bowling greens and cricket creases often cutting as low as 3mm up to around 30-40mm.
  • Rear Roller lawn Mowers - have a lower cutting range of around 10-20mm and will cut up to approximately 60-70mm
  • Wheeled Rotary lawn mowers - are not made to cut quite as low but even so there is a large range of heights available, depending on models and manufacturers. It is worth noting that mainland European mowers tend to cut shorter than USA or Antipodean made lawn mowers and this is all a matter of taste when it comes to lawns as well as grass types. Rotary mower cutting heights therefore, very roughly range from around 25mm up to around 75mm. 

Number Of Heights

Again, this varies widely from model to model, make to make but very loosely speaking…

  • Budget entry petrol models & smaller electric mowers will tend to have around height positions available
  • Mid-range petrol mowers will tend to offer around 5 or 6 height positions
  • Top petrol models can offer more, even up to 10 height positions in some cases

N.B. Methods of raising height are available to view in another article. If you wish, you can see this by clicking here "How do I adjust the cutting height of my rotary lawn mower"

Factfile: European built lawn mowers are sometimes thought to produce a cut we are happier with in the UK, as they are designed for our softer, damper, grass.


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