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How do I adjust the cutting height on my rotary lawn mower? Follow


Different mowers have different styles of height adjustment and the methods vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Budget, entry level mowers are likely to have more basic means of height adjustment, whereas top-end models can feature some very simple but more efficient and time and effort saving methods.

Here is brief list of the height adjustment systems you are likely to come across, with a simple explanation.

  • Axle Adjustment: Probably the most basic type of height adjustment. With this method you need to physically remove the wheels and place them at a higher setting, usually with a snap-in system. This tends to be featured on entry-level machines and occurs nearly always on plastic wheeled mowers.
  • Individual Levers: With this method, each wheel has an individual lever, so to level the machine you need to adjust each wheel to the same setting.
  • Single Lever Rear, Individual Levers Front: Fairly self-explanatory. One lever lowers or raises the back of the deck and the front two wheels have their own levers.
  • Single Lever: This is a good feature found on many top-end models and is very easy and simple to use, though varying in design and quality. This system uses one single lever to raise the deck. This is frequently located to one or other side on the machine often near the axle. Often referred to as central single lever height adjustment.
  • Central Dial or Handle: Some mowers have a dial, knob or a handle that you turn to click into individual settings. A simple to use system, it is time saving and a good feature to look out for.

Secret Gardener Tip: Despite the obvious advantages of sinle lever adjustment, there are pluses to other methods. For example, when your height adjustment is separate, (Axle, Individual Levers and Single Lever Rear, Individual Levers Front) you are able to raise the rear of the lawnmower slightly higher than the front, which improves the airflow under the deck and enhances collection, particularly on mossy ground.

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