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No Oil No Fuel - the biggest starting problem of all Follow

Customers trying to start the engine of a lawnmower, ride-on or other machine, without oil or fuel in it are two of themost common reasons for starting-issues that result in calls to our technicians and customer care personnel.  

Mowers, Ride-ons and some other machines when bought new and boxed are NOT transported ready fuelled. Even when you are told they are ready to go, this does NOT mean they are fuelled. To fill them up with petrol and then transport them would not be safe.

Likewise with oil. Although oil is sometimes provided, you should always fill the machine's oil tank. 

In fact, strictly speaking, you should check your oil before every use of the machine. 

These acronyms might be helpful.

OFTSET  (Oil First Then Start Every Time)

FITSET (Fuel In Then Start Every Time)


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