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Under what circumstances might I expect a refund? Follow

We will offer a refund within our 14 day cool off period for just about any reason, as long as it satisfies our terms and conditions and the basic rules you will find here. "How Do I Get A Refund?"

 Aside from this, if the 14 day period has passed there are a variety of options. 

So if...

  1. The goods arrive in error  - we can arrange a collection/replacement
  2. The goods arrive damaged - we can arrange a repair/replacement part/replacement/collection 
  3. The goods arrive faulty and unrepairable - we can arrange for an exchange

Under all these circumstances we can also offer a refund or credit note if the above solutions are not acceptable.

As stated in our terms and conditions, if the goods are damaged or faulty, we will pay the return delivery costs. 

If you have used the machine for a considerable amount of time, there may be a deduction to any refund, based on wear and tear or damage caused by use. 

Please also bear in mind that in order to get a refund, or process a return properly,  we would ask that you return everything associated with the item in question not just the machine, including...

Lawnmowers scarifiers etc - Grass box/collector 

Cordless equipment - Batteries / charger

Chainsaw - Any free kits

Please also make sure you return the operator manuals for the machine and any separate ones for the engine or other parts. 





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