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I've received my product and can't get it started. Follow

There are a number of reasons why garden machines might not start,  and a great many of them are solvable by carrying out some very simple actions. 

First of all, have a really thorough look through your manual. You may well find the answer there. 

Action number two is to look through our long list of articles and search for your problem. The chances are you will find your answer. Either click on the link above or se the search box above this article and to the right. 

Before that though, let's just mention the number one reason for machines not starting...

Oil and Fuel: ALWAYS check your oil and fuel. Machinery does not usually arrive ready fuelled and oiled for safety reasons so don't attempt to start your engine unless you have checked this.

Lawn Mowers - for Lawn Mowers specifically please ensure that you are holding in the OPC ( Operator Presence Control Bar) this is the bar that runs parallel to the handle bar and is pulled back to meet it. 

Also, do check that the fuel switch is on (if applicable). 

However, if all else fails, do feel free to contact us and talk to one of our customer care advisors. 

e-mail: customercare@mowdirect.co.uk

Tel: 020 3697 9432 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri - 9am-4pm Sat)







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