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'A lawn the size of a tennis court’ What size is that? Follow

You will often find, on our site and on others, lawns referred to as being the size of an average tennis court or 'half a tennis court'.

This can be confusing as, in our experience, customers are not always sure whether this means the playing area or the whole court from fence to fence including the border. Also championship courts tend to be a little larger than domestic courts.  

To be clear, at MowDirect, when we use the size of a tennis court as a guide, we are referring to a standard domestic court, including the boundary area (fence to fence). We define a standard court as 543 m2 (this matches the measurement used by Hayter, one of our top brands)

With that in mind, here are the average dimensions of tennis courts. (See images below for clarification)

A full size tennis court (Playing area only. Doubles lines included)  = 261 m2

A standard domestic court (Whole court inc' borders and run-up area = 543 m2

Half a standard domestic court (As above) = 271 m2 (approx)

A championship court (Whole court inc' borders and run up area) = 669 m2 

Below (Fig1.) is a picture of a standard court with the lines explained.  

Fig 1.

This is, of course, just the playing area and does not include the area outside. Below (Fig2.) is a court including the outside area or borders (the green area).

Fig 2

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