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What are lawn mower cutting decks made of? Follow

There are three main materials used in the manufacture of lawnmower decks. These are - Plastic*, Steel and Aluminum alloy.

Each has it’s own advantages and qualities

  • Plastic – generally cheaper so often found on budget, entry-level machines, (though you may find plastic decks on some premium models, some Honda mowers for example).  It is corrosion and weather resistant and relatively lightweight. It can also be very tough and some impact resistant polymers can even rival metals for strength.

A Plastic (Poly) Deck Mower

  • Steel – traditional and tough steel decks are mainly found on petrol machines, their strength suiting the more rigorous demands of larger lawns and tougher mowing tasks. Some stamped steel decks can be quite thin but thicker steel is a prestige material that is durable and tends to be favoured by high-end manufacturers. Steel decks are usually treated with powder paint that helps protect the deck and fight corrosion.Steel decks are generally impact resistant and will absorb impact damage fairly well.

A Steel Deck Mower

  • Aluminum Alloy - aluminium alloy decks are arguably the premium choice material of the three. They have advantages of both the others, featuring the strength and quality of steel and the corrosion resistance of composite plastics. You will find aluminium alloy decks on many top mowers and it is long-lasting and hard wearing. Aluminium,  is a little more brittle than steel and does not have the same impact resistance as steel, but is usually a premium product and likely to be made from premium quality components.

An Aluminium Alloy Deck Mower

* We are using the generic term ‘plastic’ here for simplicity. In reality, a number of different impact and corrosion resistant plastic polymers are used. These are frequently Polypropylene based but other polymers in use include ABS and Zenoy.

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