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What is mulching in a lawn mower and what are the advantages? Follow

Mulching, when it comes to lawn mowers, is the process of using very finely cut grass clippings as fertiliser, dropping them into the lawn to break down and create a type of compost to improve the health of your sward.

Here is a basic explanation of how it works...

If you have a combination mower (3-in1 or 4-in-1) then the first thing is to block the grass clippings exit channel (usually to the rear). This is usually done with a mulch-plug, often a simple and effective plastic block with a handle (see fig 1 below) which you push into the grass exit channel manually.  Some models of mower come with an integrated ‘sliding-door’ type system operated by a lever. The rest is up to the blade.

Mulch Plug 

Mulching lawnmowers are fitted with a different blade from normal mowers. This blade creates an airflow that enables the cutting and re-cutting of the clippings until they are shredded and miniscule. (See image below.)

The vacuum created by the blade means the now clippings are then forced downwards into the turf where they break down quickly and provide nitrogen and phosphates, which permeate the soil to increase the health of the lawn.

The decks of dedicated mulching lawn mowers are designed specifically for this purpose, rounded and sealed, creating the perfect airflow to recycle clippings around the cutting area and back down through the blades rather than throwing them back.

The advantages of this are worth considering. This process can be very good indeed for your lawn, providing extra nutrients to the turf, creating a greener looking and healthier lawn and it is a great way of recycling mowing waste.

Mulching capable mowers do a good job, but ultimately, if mulching is your aim, a dedicated mulching mower is the best model for you.

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