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Ice melt versus salt. Which is best? Follow

Salt has traditionally been used to melt snow and ice, but many people are now using ice melt products. There are many reasons why you may prefer to use ice melts.

  • Salt attracts moisture and so can easily get clogged and difficult to handle, whereas most ice melts are designed to repel moisture and stay free flowing and dry
  • Many ice melts work at lower temperatures than traditional salt
  • Salt can get into the water table and can cause ecological problems, whereas many ice melts (including products in our range) are eco friendly, bio-degradable and can be used without worry.
  • Ice melts frequently have better coverage than rock salt. For example 10kg of some ice melts we stock will cover up to 2000m2, 6 to 10 times more than rock salt. This can save money and time.
  • Advanced ice melts will not corrode metal or concrete, won’t damage fabrics and are non-toxic, removing the risk of harm to humans, animals and plants so can be used in gardens, parks, at surgeries, hospitals airports and public sports facilities.
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