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Tasks, tips and tools for March Follow

Here is our handy guide to garden duties in March and the right tools for the job. For an easy look, tasks are in bold-black and tools are highlighted in blue. 

 Yay. Mad March. Seed sowing. Time to boldly sow where no one has sown before. By the time March comes around, after that long, freezing and tedious winter, the seeds are fairly throwing themselves out of the packets in a bid to be the first one in.

However, seed sowing is something you will spread over the month. In the first week of March, you may be busier mowing the lawn, trimming your edges (see image below) and digging compost into your beautifully dug and prepared beds for which you will need a good spade. (see image below)

MD Green Valley galvanised steel & ash wood spade

This is also a good time to trim back any late flowering shrubs like your buddleia (Buddleia Davidii, the butterfly bush) or perhaps your hydrangea, clematis and fuchsia. make sure you have a decent shrub trimmer  (see image below) for a precise prune. If you let the Buddleia go its own way, it will become scrawny and rangy with the flowers all up on the top and long, bloomless branches underneath so cut back to the second-to-last pair of leaves … just in case.

Bosch Isio 3.6v Li-ion Cordless Shrub & Edging Shear Set

 If you are a grow-your-own type, you can sow broad beans freely outside now as well as globe artichokes, summer and red cabbages, early sprouting broccoli, carrots (covered), spring onions, early peas, some lettuces, coriander, beetroot, chicory, summer radishes and more. French beans can go in if covered. Sets of garlic can go in, as can new potatoes, maincrop potatoes, parsnips, and turnips.

When you are thinking about planting new potatoes and onion sets, you’ll need a good trowel, 

By the end of March, herbs like chervil, chives, coriander and dill can go in outside,  though they don’t have to go in alphabetically. In your heated greenhouse or inside the house you could be sowing  Celeriac, Celery and by the end of March, aubergines, chillies, peppers, tomatoes as well as herbs like Basil, Oregano Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Do you feel a song coming on? And if you have any time or energy left after all that, and if it’s flowers and plants you are into, then sweet peas, pot marigolds, delphiniums, foxgloves…to be honest, there isn’t enough room for the whole list, so suffice to say, get your seed packets out and go for it.

A little more ‘light scarifying’ of your lawn wouldn’t do any harm either. Try using a powered rake (see image below)  to remove twigs, moss and detritus, and aerate your lawn at the same time.

Flymo Compact 3400 Electric Lawnraker

By the end of the month, you can be moving plants out of the greenhouse into cold frames, standing back and admiring the daffodils and your garden or plot should be seriously ready for the explosion of life and growth you’ve been looking forward to for so long.


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