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What makes a good garden tool? Follow

A good Garden Tool should be strong, hardwearing and well balanced with a comfortable grip, a durable head and it should be built to last. 

There are individual features and characteristics you would expect from Garden Tools

Garden Spade –  should have a rugged stainless steel head and a strong and long lasting shaft, either water proof polypropylene or polished, splinter-proof hardwood and a comfortable D-Grip of a good size, either polypropylene or metal and wood. 

Included in this category is the Border Spade–  look for similar rugged construction as the Garden Spade but a narrower, smaller blade, suitable for tight spacers, border maintenance and edging

Garden Fork – ought to have  four strong, well-spaced tines and, similar to the Garden Spade, a strong and durable Polypropylene or hardwood shaft and handle. 

Included in this category is the Border Fork. Again, the same kind of strong durable construction that the Garden Fork requires is essential but the head will be narrower for bordering and maintenance. 

Garden Rake –  a good, practical traditional Garden Rake should be lightweight, with a comfortable and easy to hold, waterproof shaft made of, for example, fibre-glass or aluminium or wood, with a strong metal head and number of hardwearing, metal tines to sift soil and remove debris and stones from the garden. It can also be used to drag weeds them from your plants. 

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