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What accessories do I need with my pressure washer? Follow

All pressure washers come with some specialist accessories, which can control, direct or manipulate the water in many ways for specific tasks. You can usually purchase others separately. 
There are a large number of accessories available and often there are a range supplied with a model. Generally, the more high end or more powerful the model in the range is, the better the collection of accessories is. 
Below are some examples of some of the available accessories, with illustrations.
Various types and lengths of hose...
Car washing brushes which direct water through the bristles..

 Trigger guns with automatic power on/off of machine...

Vario-lances with an adjustable nozzle to control the pressure...

Patio cleaners with revolving jets of water and brushes

(sometimes the cleaning heads are enclosed to avoid splashes)...

Power lances that direct a highly concentrated jet of water,

sometimes with an oscillating nozzle. 


Simply choose a machine with the of tools or accessories that suits your needs. You can view our full range here - Pressure washers
N.B. Don’t forget that a very high pressure lance, like a dirtblaster or similar, can do damage e.g. old paintwork on a car could be at risk, so it is always good to test your water jet on something less valuable, or un unseen area of the object you are cleaning to begin with. 
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