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Some basic features of snow blowers in detail Follow

Chute rotation control: This varies; from manual adjustment – where you lean forward, or go round from the handlebars and turn the chute by hand – to remote electric control activated from your operating position. In many mid-range models, it is often carried out with a handy lever that is either handlebar mounted or that you can reach fairly easily. 

Pitch control: I.e How high or low you want the stream. This tends to be manual but is automated on some top models. It seems people don’t feel the need to alter it as often as the rotation.

Adjustable snowshoes: Well worth mentioning as these, nearly always exclusively on dual-stage models, enable you to vary the height of the hood and clear snow and ice from awkward surfaces like gravel, pebbles and the local football club’s artificial football pitch. 

Drive systems: The most basic powered models will only have forward motion and occasionally reverse, but most will have some kind of gearing system, ranging from a couple of forward and a reverse gear to multiple forward and reverse gears, all the way up to hydrostatic models. Hydrostatic drives allow detailed, infinite control over speed both forward and reverse. This can be very useful for manoeuvring in and out of tight spaces, difficult corners and for clearing near edges and obstacles. 

Recoil starts: Obviously only on petrol models and very common, but you will nearly alwaysfind the manufacturer has provided an oversized handle so you can keep your gloves on while pulling – thoughtful.  This is important for comfort in the cold. 

Tyres/Tracks – the good quality machines, particularly the heavy-duty dual-stage models often have special snow tyres, great for positive grip and purchase, and you will also find models with caterpillar tracks that are very good for manoeuvrability and help perform zero turns. 

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