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Will a snow blower work on gravel? Follow

Good question. The answer depends on which type of snow blower you are using. 

Single-Stage snow blowers are propelled by the auger. The augers is usually made of tough rubber , or sometimes rubber over metal, and means they can clear right down to the surface or ‘back-to-black’ so are suitable for stone, concrete, tarmac and similar.  However, it means they are not suitable for surfaces like gravel and pebbles as they would fling the stones around. 

Dual-Stage snow blowers can clear on tarmac, concrete, stone and so on as well.  They have strong, metal toothed augers so cannot clear right down to the surface in the same way as rubber augured single-stage machines. 

However, dual-stage snow blowers are almost always fitted with snow skids/shoes, small attachments that can be adjusted to raise or lower the snow intake hood, enabling the dual-stage snow blower to be used on rough surfaces like gravel or shingle without throwing unwanted material around. 

So if you want to clear on shingle, gravel or similar it would have to be with a dual-stage snow blower. 

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