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How do brushcutters work? Follow

Brushcutters effectively work in exactly the same way as grass trimmers and are basically line trimmers with optional or included blades. 
The line (or lines ) will work in exactly the same way as grass trimmers see fig 1 (standard line reel) and fig 2. (tap-and-go line feed reel) below for example of line reel) but you will be able to swap it for a blade.
fig 1.    fig 2.
This blade is usually three pronged, like a small star and also rotates, efficiently clearing longer and heavier grass, weeds and even briars, brambles and thistles
See fig 1 and fig 2 below for examples of types of blades.
fig 1.     fig 2.  

Shapes and power vary enormously of course across the ranges as do features. For example, the line on all machines wears down through cutting, so variations include different types of line-feed system. 
These include manual systems where you pull the line out yourself,  the popular ‘tap and go’ style feeds where you tap the head of the trimmer on the ground (see fig 2. above) and  a pre-determined  length line feeds itself out. 
At the top end, automatic line feeding systems where the machines are designed to be sensitive to how much line is left and feed line out automatically when the line wears out. 
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