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Features And Facilities To Look For In A Garden Spreader Follow

  • Stainless steel frames
  • Adjustable spreading pattern controls (broadcast spreaders)
  • Fully enclosed gears for protection and durability
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic tyres to deal with tough or slippery terrain
  • Metal gears for strength and durability
  • A weather proof hopper cover to keep the spreading material from getting damp 
  • Adjustable deflector plates to restrict the spreading pattern when near plants and other items you wish to avoid spreading on (broadcast spreaders)
  • Controls that are reachable from driver’s seat (Tow Behind Garden Spreaders)
  • Ball bearing mounted wheels for a cleaner, smoother run
  • Fingertip controls (push type Broadcast and Drop Garden Spreaders)
  • Comfort grip handles

There are some hybrid Garden Spreader/Aerators on the market, for even more flexibility and added value.

Many Garden Spreaders can spread grit, salt and ice melts as well so can be used in the winter to clear ice and snow.This makes the spreader an all your round machine and adds value. 
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