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Debris truck loaders Follow

Debris Truck Loaders are large-scale, mainly pro or semi-pro, clean-up vacuuming machines, designed to fix onto the side of, or pallet mounted on  a truck or  sometimes trailer mounted and towed.
To give you an idea of what they look like, here is a debris truck loader from leading manufacturer Billy Goat.
They are used by professional contractors of all shapes and sizes and have heavy-duty components and advanced features. 
They usually consist of a powerful petrol, or sometimes diesel, engine and a large, flexible hose with a wide aperture. This hose can accommodate a large intake of material and deposit it either in a truck, a skip, or anywhere you wish, courtesy of the discharge (exhaust) chute.
Debris truck loaders, however, are not just large vacuum cleaners. They will have complex and powerful impeller mechanism with very hardwearing blades, that will take the sucked up material and shred it very finely.
They can usually deal with anything from leaves to twigs and paper cups and many can even cope with glass bottles and tin cans; so they are ideal for large-scale clean-ups like after festivals, concerts, fairs, sports events and similar. 
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