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2-stroke Vs 4-stroke engines - a brief comparison Follow

It is always useful to know a little about the engines you are dealing with and , since at MowDirect we stock all kinds of machines with both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, here are the general features, pros and cons of each...
2-Stroke Petrol Engines 
•  More torque compared to 4-stroke engines
•  Higher power to weight ratio
•  Generally cheaper to buy 
•  Lighter and more manageable
•  Easy to use and maintain once you are used to them
4-Stroke Petrol Engines 
•  Generally easier to start
•  No fuel/oil mix required
•  Use less fuel
•  Smoother running
•  Can run on unleaded petrol 

for more information on these engines including starting issues, see the other articles in this section and in the keeping going section 
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