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Wheeled lawn and leaf sweepers Follow

Wheeled lawn and leaf sweepers are simple, effective machines designed to pick up leaves and deposit them in a collecting bag. 
They work rather like an old style floor sweeper, where a cylinder, like a mowing cylinder, runs between the wheels, with brushes attached and as the wheels turn, the leaves are swept up and thrown into a collector at the rear.  
Wheeled lawn and leaf sweepers can also sweep up paper, paper cups etc so can also be used for example, to clear up after garden parties, fêtes, or wedding receptions and, often with height adjustment, can be used on concrete and gravel not just on grass so you could driveways or paths. 
Since they are hand propelled and operate with the turn of the wheels, the faster the leaf sweeper is moving, the faster the leaves are collected. (See image below)
A Walk-Behind Wheeled Leaf Sweeper
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