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Petrol hand held garden blower vacs Follow

Petrol Hand Held Garden Blower Vacs have a similar function to electric hand held blower vacs, being used to disperse or suck up and shred leaves and general garden detritus, but the majority of petrol models have swappable tubes rather than a dual function tube and a switch.  
The dual function versions, without swappable tubes tend to be domestic models, whereas the dual tube models range from domestic up to professional models. 
Petrol models are generally more powerful than electric models but like them, the more advanced versions have metal blades/impellors rather than plastic versions. 
Engine size and power is important. Petrol hand held garden blower vacs have engines ranging from 20cc up to around 30cc.  
Balance is also important. Balance can make a large difference, even when the blower itself is a little heavier than you are used to. Good balance reduces strain and stress on joints and muscles. 
Most petrol models  are equipped with 2-stroke engines, but there are 4-stroke models available as well.*
As you move up through the ranges , look for smaller engines that are very powerful, for better power/weight ratio and higher quality engines with more reliability and longevity. 
A Petrol Hand Held Garden Blower Vac
*NB: for more information on 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, see the appropriate articles in our Maintenance  section
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