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Cordless battery powered hand held garden blower vacs Follow

Cordless Battery Powered Hand Held Garden Blower Vacs are, in many ways, the same as mains powered electric hand held garden blower vacs, with similar features and functions. 
The difference is, of course, when it comes to power. Traditionally, mains powered devices have been more powerful. However, recent developments in rechargeable batteries mean these cordless battery powered versions are far more powerful than before making them even more convenient, as well as being considerably lighter than they used to be. 
Contemporary batteries tend to be either Lithium-Ion or Nicad and deliver longer running times, shorter charging timers and usually have no leakage or loss of power when unused, even for a long time. 
There are now versions starting to become available that have professional features, they are very lightweight and easy to store but with impressive power for their size, and are notably less noisy than mains powered versions.  This makes them a viable alternative not just to mains electric models but, increasingly, to petrol models as well. 
 A Cordless Battery Powered Leaf Blower
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