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Why do I need to clear up leaves? Follow

It’s a fact that large piles of leaves left lying on your lawn or on a recreational or business yard are a potential menace.


On Your Lawn

Rotting leaves prevent light from getting to your lawn, depriving it of the means to convert sunlight to chlorophyll, part of the lawn’s nutritional process. 

The leaves can also soak up much needed water and act as a breeding ground for fungus and worms.

Fallen leaves should be removed as soon as possible from a lawn, and it is much harder to remove them once they have got wet. 

N.B. Leaves can fall all year round, not just in Autumn, and the longer you leave them, the more damage they can do to your precious turf
On Your Patio, Yard or Decking  
As well as being unsightly and causing a mess, leaves left on the patio or decking get wet and slippy and can become a serious slip hazard.
A build up of moisture and vegetation can contribute towards rotting the wood in your decking. Keep it clear and it is easier to maintain and will have a longer life.
NB: If your premises are used for business you may find that you have a duty of care to visitors and dealing with slip hazards is your legal responsibility. Clearing up leaves now is going to be easier and cheaper than a potentially hefty legal bill later.
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