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What further features and functions might I see on hand propelled lawnmowers? Follow

Since these machines vary so widely from basic up to deluxe versions,  you will find a very wide range of features and functions. e.g 
•  Hand propelled lawnmowers come with a variety of cutting widths from around 28cm up to around  40cm 
•  They can come with rear rollers for a neat and pleasing striped effect on your lawn
•  Detachable grass collection boxes or containers
•  Comfort grip handlebars
•  Foldable handlebars to aid storage
•  Ergonomic handlebars for comfort
•  Larger wheels for more stability and easier steering
•  Ball bearing mounted wheels for smoother running and long wheel life
•  Rear deflectors directing the grass cuttings down towards the ground in order to facilitate mulching, which can lead to a greener healthier looking lawn
•  Flower and shrub protection
•  Cutting height adjustment for varying the length of lawn
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