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Walk behind garden sprayers Follow

With walk behind garden sprayers, the tank and pump are fitted into a tough but lightweight steel wheeled frame, so spraying is made as easy as walking. 

The pump is operated by the turning of the wheels, so the sprayer works as you walk and stop when you do. 

This type will spray low and close to the ground,  ideal for coverage on lawns, driveways and paths.  

They range from 20 litre capacity sprayers capable of covering up to 250 M2  up to professional  style 25 litre models that can pump 1.8 litres per minute. These are ideal for tennis courts, bowling greens and similar. (See image below for example


N.B. Some walk behind garden sprayers will also work with liquid ice melts, clearing ice and snow from paths, drives, lawns and other surfaces during the winter adding further cost effectiveness to the purchase of this style of garden sprayer.

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