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Are all scarifiers called simply 'scarifiers'? Follow

No. Scarifiers are, intrinsically, performing a more powerful, sophisticated version of raking and there are many machines that are included in the scarifier category, but that may have other names. These include… 
  • Powered Rakes - often Electric.  They generally use sprung metal tines, not blades, to remove the moss and detritus and collect it in a rear or front mounted catcher.
  • Dethatchers - some have high impact plastic tines
  • Tow-Behind Dethatching Rakes - these use metal sprung tines

You will also come across scarifying cartridges, such as are used in the excellent Allett machines shown below.

Classic 12E    Classic 14L   Classic 17L   Kensington 12E   Kensington 14E  

Kensington 14K
   Kensington 17    K Kensington 20K

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