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A glossary of pressure washer terms, phrases and acronyms Follow

Adjustable Wand/Lance – Most pressure washers are supplied with accessories and most will have some version of an adjustable wand or lance. Turning the tip will widen or narrow the spray. Other manufacturers' names include Vario Lance

Automatic Power Stop - APS. A function where the motor will only run when the spray gun (see below) is operated. This saves on electricity and wear & tear.

Axial pump – a type of pump often used in pressure washers that works by means of a revolving impellor in a pipe. It is able to pump up to 3 times more water and other fluids at lifts of less than 4 meters radial-flow or centrifugal pumps

Bar – A measurement of water pressure (e.g. 120 bar). It is the water pressure plus the flow rate that determines the cleaning power of the washer.

Detergent Injection  – Cleaning detergents are injected directly into the water stream to improve on cleaning efficiency.Many washers will come with a detergnt injection system of some sort

Flow Rate – The rate at which the water flows in a given time

High-Pressure Hose - A hose specially designed and developed to cope with high pressure, varying water temperature and the use of detergents. Most pressure washers come with one and use of an ordinary hose is rarely recommended.

LH or L/Hr - Litres Per Hr. A measurement of flow rate (sometimes represented in gallons e.g GPM Gallons Per Minute)

PSI – Pounds per Square Inch. A unit of pressure

Siphon Feature – Enables you to pull water from ponds, pools, tanks etc, rather than depend on a tap.

Spray Gun – Another accessory you will find in pressure washers. A trigger controlled cleaning accessory, often with a gun shape. This can have a variety of similar names like Trigger Gun.

Turbo Nozzle - A nozzle attachment supplied with, or separately for, many pressure washers that spins or oscillates at high speed intensifying the water flow. Often used for stubborn marks and is very powerful. Known by various other names including Dirtblaster Lance

Variable Pressure Control - VPC. A pressure washer feature that lets you adjust the water pressure to carry out a particular job. 

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