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Some general advice and tips on maintaining and storing your hedge trimmers Follow

•  Check all your bolts/nuts/screws are tight before using
•  Keep the blades clean so no sap or other substance clogs up or damages them 
•  Check that no pieces of foliage, twigs or other detritus have got into the mechanism
•  If you are storing your petrol hedge trimmers away for a long period, empty out the petrol as it will deteriorate, leave deposits and, in some cases, can damage your engine
•  Always keep your fuel cap clean if using a petrol model, any dirt in the engine can cause problems
Engineers Tip – Always check your blades are well lubricated. Lubricate your hedge trimmers after each use and before each use.  If there is a long period between uses, do the following... 
1. Lubricate blades with WD 40 or similar with the machine safely switched off
2. Start the machine and let it run to distribute the lubrication
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