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Why won’t my chainsaw start? Follow

A surprising number of starting issues that our engineers and consultants regularly come up against are due to a simple fact. Customers frequently choose machines that are too big, too heavy or just too physically demanding to start. 
It is worth, therefore, reiterating that choosing the right machine for you is essential if you want to get the best from your chainsaw.
There are a number of models available that have special, easy to start or recoil-assist systems that take less physical effort, and some models even provide electronic ignition for totally effortless starting. 
These include models from Husqvarna, Efco, Echo, Einhell, Mitox, Solo, Uni Garden and Handy.
Another major starting issue is linked to choke use, or rather, overuse which can lead to flooding the engine. There often a misunderstanding of how to use the choke. 
NB: If you are having problems, before you pick up the ‘phone, try looking at our useful engineer’s tips and advice on how to cope with your two stroke engine or chainsaw start, like this one on How to start a two stroke engine 
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