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1. How do I sharpen a chainsaw? Follow

There are several ways to sharpen your chainsaw. You will probably need a workbench of some sort and a vice for most of these. 
Files - you can sharpen a chain by hand using special chainsaw files. You need first to check your chain’s gauge. Many chainsaw experts technicians advise that 4-5 strokes on the chain blades with a file can add life to it.(see image below, instructions courtesy of quality chain manufacturer Oregon)
Chain Sharpening Devices – there are a number of mechanical devices and kits on the market, which are designed for Chainsaw blade sharpening. Some require separate power tools like a drill to operate. 
Electrical Devices – there are a number of electrical sharpeners on the market also. Some, like the Suresharp, are made by top Chainsaw manufacturers like Oregon.
Powersharp Self-Sharpener –  also a mechanical device but deserves a separate mention as it is a kind of revolutionary sharpening system, designed to sharpen your chainsaw while you are on the job, taking seconds and not requiring any other power tools or even a vice to work properly.
For more detailed information, and some really sound sharpening advice with illustrations why not visit http://www.oregonchain.com/pro/service/faq.htm. Scroll down and click on How Do I Sharpen My Chain?

You can also consult your Chainsaw’s manual, which will probably offer advice on how to carry out this task.
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