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How do I choose the right weight chainsaw? Follow

Purchasers are often concerned by the weight of a chainsaw and if it will be too much for them to handle.  Chainsaws vary in weight, of course, but you will have no problems providing you buy the right Chainsaw for you.

If you are carrying out lesser domestic cutting, your machine will probably be an electric or a smaller petrol machine and is unlikely to be particularly heavy (a typical small electric Chainsaw might weigh around 4.5kg)

Obviously, if you are carrying out heavy outdoor work, you will need a larger chainsaw which will probably be heavier. Whatever the weight,  a reasonable degree  of mental and physical alertness  and strength is always required when using a Chainsaw, like any machinery, but don’t forget that good quality Chainsaws are designed to be well balanced and where the weight is situated, and how it is balanced, matters almost as much as the weight itself.

You can usually check out the weights of Chainsaws on the individual model reviews and work out which one will be suitable for you.

Ultimately, a Chainsaw that is comfortable for you to use is a safer and more efficient chainsaw for you to use.  A good power to weight ratio and good balance will make the job easier every time.

 Tip: Remember, one kilogram is the weight of a standard bag of sugar. 

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