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Grass collectors – some essential facts Follow

Grass collectors are referred to by a number of names according to the manufacturer or retailer. These include ‘grass bags’, ‘grass boxes’, ‘grass catchers’ and the generic ‘grass collectors’. For simplicity sake in this article we will call them grass collectors.

You might think that the grass collector on your lawn mower is a simple, basic requirement, an afterthought when it comes to design and function. But you would be wrong. Grass collector design is a significant factor in the efficiency and function of a lawn mower. Here are a few important facts,  functions and details which we hope will be useful. 


Grass collectors tend to be either fabric (canvas/nylon etc) or solid plastic, usually aerated.

Plastic collector                                   Canvas collector                             Canvas & plastic top


  • Storage. Fabric collectors can be collapsed to aid storage.
  • Airflow. The air moved through the collector by the blade motion can be a major factor in efficient collection. For this reason you will see that most collectors, even solid plastic ones, have air holes. The airflow helps prevent clumping and helps the grass distribution in the collector. Airflow is probably at its best in a fabric collector
  • Dust. Plastic or hard topped collectors will keep dust from irritating the operator when conditions are dry. Even fabric collectors will often have a hard top to do this, offering the best of both worlds

CAPACITY: The size of your grass collector will make a difference. The larger the collector, the fewer times you have to stop to empty it and the quicker you can get your job done. Capacities on domestic mowers range from about 20 litres on smaller machines up to around 80 litres. Go for the largest capacity in your price range

FULL INDICATOR: A good feature to watch out for, this is also incredibly useful. An indictor that tells you your collector is full prevents spilling, avoiding you having to stop, bend and pick up grass from the lawn. It also means you do not have to continually check whether you have filled the bag. These indicators usually work by means of a flip-up plastic tag that is pushed up by the grass in the bag, popping up to show ‘full’ or a change of colour. Sometimes the indicator can be a fabric tab.

REMOVAL: If possible, look for a collector that you can easily remove between the handles of your mower. This makes emptying far easier and is a feature you will find mentioned in some of our reviews.

HANDLES: Comfortable and decent sized handles on the collector can make transport and emptying far more pleasant and easy.

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