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Further features to consider when purchasing a powered snow plough Follow

Efficiency Features:
  • An adjustable blade, so you can clear snow to either side
  • A switch controlled differential  - this locks the wheels together to deliver optimum traction on slippery, icy terrain
  • A detachable blade, so you can use the machine with other attachments, adding to its cost effectiveness*
  • Independent control over right and left wheel for more manoeuvrability
Comfort/Convenience Features:
  • Controls that are within easy reach of your hands without stretching
  • Moulded hand grips for extra comfort
  • Adjustable handlebars, so you can work at the right height
  • A vibration damping system built in to the handlebars for comfortable and stress free operation over longer periods
  • A quick and easy coupling system so you don’t have to use tools to detach the blade

* Some models offer alternative snow clearing attachments such as snow blowers, and brushes as well as agricultural attachments like ploughs and cultivators.

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