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Should I choose a petrol or electric chipper or shredder? Follow

The choice between an electric or a petrol chipper will depend greatly on the kind of work you need to do, the size of your property and the volume and size of the material you wish to shred. 
If you want an emission free, domestic, quieter, no maintenance shredder for small volumes and for shredding leaves, small twigs and grass clippings, then an electric chipper/shredder will probably be your choice. 
 An Einhell Electric Chipper/Shredder
 However, if you have a larger property, a large volume of material and are thinking of chipping branches, with a ‘go-anywhere’ all-purpose machine, then you are probably looking for Petrol chipper/shredder.
     An Apache Petrol Powered Chipper/Shredder
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