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What features should I look for on a sickle bar mower? Follow

  • A durable mowing bar with hardened, long-lasting and sharp blades. 
  • A powerful petrol engine. 
  • Heavy duty wheels with solid or pneumatic gripping tyres for extra purchase in awkward or slippery conditions. 
  • A decent mowing width, perhaps from 80cm or so up to around 120cm in larger models  
On more advanced models you can look out for...
  • Edge or bar protection to avoid the blades knocking against objects, walls and other obstacles. 
  • Height adjustable blades for flexibility. 
  • Height adjustable handles for optimum comfort in operation. 
  • Self-propulsion on top end models. 
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Forward and reverse gears for easy manoeuvrability
  • Optional alternative attachments on some models 
  • Fully floating head for tackling vegetation on uneven ground
All our sickle bar mowers are fully reviewed with feature and specification lists. If you need more details, they can e found here - Sickle Bar Mowers
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