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Petrol chippers or shredders Follow

Petrol chippers or shredders are powerful and versatile and are designed to deal with more heavy duty chipping and shredding than electric models. 
They have dual-purpose single chambers, often with two access points, one for chipping and one for shredding and they are generally capable of handling larger branches and material than electric garden shredders.
Most petrol models are highly portable, not restricted or restrained by needing a mains connection or by potentially hazardous electrical cables.
Most petrol chippers or shredders will cut and crush branches and wood with an internal mechanism relatively similar to the  electric quiet or silent garden models.
This is generally a flywheel, or sometimes a drum, with strong, sharp hardened steel chipping blades and also have flail hammers or hammer blades to shred the material. *
* There are several models which use patented or alternative methods such as multi-disks and alternatively shaped blades. 
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